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The Case for Algorithmic Stewardship for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies


The first manual on hospital administration, published in 1808, described a hospital steward as “an individual who [is] honest and above reproach,” with duties including the purchasing and management of hospital materials. Today, a steward’s job can be seen as ensuring the safe and effective use of clinical resources. The Joint Commission, for instance, requires antimicrobial stewardship programs to support appropriate antimicrobial use, including by monitoring antibiotic prescribing and resistance patterns.

BusTr: Predicting Bus Travel Times from Real-Time Traffic

Abstract: We present BusTr, a machine-learned model for translating road tra c forecasts into predictions of bus delays, used by Google Maps to serve the majority of the world’s public transit systems where no o cial real-time bus tracking is provided. We demonstrate that our neural sequence model improves over DeepTTE, the state-of-the-art baseline, both in performance (−30% MAPE) and training stability. We also demonstrate signi cant generalization gains over simpler models, evaluated on longitudinal data to cope with a constantly evolving world.