BIDS Call for Data Science Research Projects

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Submissions for this form are closed.

The Berkeley Institute of Data Science (BIDS) invites letters of intent to pursue interdisciplinary research projects based at BIDS.  BIDS is seeking to facilitate interdisciplinary research efforts and to expand our increasingly active data science community at UC Berkeley, about which Chancellor Christ recently updated the campus

This call is now closed - Letters of Intent were due Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

Eligibility and Funding

UC Berkeley faculty PIs and staff researchers are invited to submit Letters of Intent to pursue high-impact, interdisciplinary data science research projects involving multiple campus departments or entities.  Interdisciplinary projects include those that unite data science methodological experts with domain experts.  Preference will be given to projects that introduce novel or uncommon collaborations and ideas and that specify how the group’s affiliation with BIDS could benefit the research proposed and the greater data science community.

In addition to articulating your research ideas in your LOI, please be specific about the intended use of BIDS funds and about the support of BIDS staff which might best enable your research project.  Some examples of resources and support could include the following:  

  • Funding for a data scientist or programmer; graduate student researcher; postdoc (could be embedded as a BIDS Fellow); or project manager
  • Grant writing assistance
  • Validation using the BIDS brand to increase funding probability
  • Industry sponsor identification and cultivation
  • Hosting a visiting scholar
  • Space for developing new collaborations, convening group activities, holding workshops and meetings (at BIDS facilities on campus and LBNL)

The amount of funding offered will scale with the potential impact of the project proposed. Major, ambitious, multi-faculty proposals may include several of these items, or coordinated efforts to raise funds for data-science research.  

Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • The quality, novelty and feasibility of the research project being proposed.  This includes factors such as the importance of the problem being addressed, the originality of approach, and the appropriateness of techniques proposed.
  • The contribution of the proposed research project, and the impact its results are likely to have on data science methods and/or domains. 
  • The eligibility, qualifications and experience of the applicants. 
  • The extent the project benefits from bringing together people from different disciplines  and from its engagement with BIDS


Please submit a Letter of Intent and the CV of the PI who will lead the project. Links to publicly available resources and code are strongly encouraged. 

Based on this solicitation, a select group of top-tier project proposals will be chosen and contacts will be invited to submit a more formal and detailed application.

This call is now closed - Letters of Intent were due Tuesday, May 1, 2018. 

Please direct questions to