BIDS-ICHS Data Science Fellows, UC Berkeley/UCSF

UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco (UCSF) are collaborating to harness the power and expertise of UC Berkeley data science to advance biomedical research and the vision of precision medicine at UCSF.  To this end, in spring 2017, UC Berkeley's Institute for Data Science (BIDS) and UCSF's Institute for Computational Health Science (ICHS) will award fellowships to two individuals—one from each campus—to serve as the inaugural BIDS-ICHS Data Science Fellows, UC Berkeley/UCSF. In addition to pursuing a specific project or topic that leverages the two campuses’ expertise, the data science fellows will serve as ambassadors, building connections between individuals and research labs and identifying and/or contributing to new programs, tools, or resources to foster greater collaboration between the two campuses and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.  
One fellow will be selected from UC Berkeley to pursue their 50%-time fellowship based primarily on the UCSF campus, and one fellow will be selected from UCSF to be based primarily on the UC Berkeley campus. Following the UC Berkeley BIDS data science fellowship model, each fellow will receive funding equivalent to 50% of his or her current salary and benefits or a 50% GSR appointment and full fee remission for two years to engage in activities at the host campus. Both fellows will otherwise continue their ongoing research/work in their home campus lab/center for their other 50% time. Please see the BIDS website for further information on eligibility and expectations.

As part of the fellowship, each fellow will have the opportunity to spend time on the host campus to design and pursue a research/development project of their choosing. Interdisciplinary projects that leverage and advance the biomedical/clinical expertise of UCSF and the data science/development expertise of UC Berkeley are encouraged. In addition, as inaugural recipients, the BIDS-ICHS Data Science Fellows will be expected to serve as connectors and drivers of collaborative activities, connecting with faculty, staff, and students to provide insights into their home campus’ research enterprise; facilitating introductions; and identifying activities that they and an intercampus planning team could organize to foster teaching and research (e.g., boot camps or other training opportunities, seminars, etc.).  Both fellows will have access to available resources and programs and receive support through BIDS and ICHS.
To Apply:
Interested applicants from both campuses should apply through the BIDS fellowship application website by the April 1, 2017, deadline, indicating interest in the BIDS-ICHS Data Science Fellowship, UC Berkeley/UCSF option (applicants may also apply in other categories, if interested).  Candidate selection will follow the BIDS fellowship selection process and timelines; successful candidates will be notified in approximately May 2017 to start in late August 2017.

For more information, please contact:
UC Berkeley BIDS:  Kevin Koy, Executive Director
UCSF ICHS:  Angela Rizk-Jackson, Director of Operations