A recurrent neural network for classification of unevenly sampled variable stars

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Nature Astronomy
November 27, 2017

The Social Data Revolution Will Be Crowdsourced

Nick Adams
The Social Science Research Council
December 2016

SEP: Source Extractor as a Library

Kyle Barbary
Journal of Open Source Software
October 2016

The Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN) Data Standard Specification

G. Droege, K. Barker, O. Seberg, J. Coddington, E. Benson, W. G. Berendsohn, B. Bunk, C. Butler, E. M. Cawsey, J. Deck, M. Döring, P. Flemons, B. Gemeinholzer, A. Güntsch, T. Hollowell, P. Kelbert, I. Kostadinov, R. Kottmann, R. T. Lawlor, C. Lyal, J. Mackenzie-Dodds, C. Meyer, D. Mulcahy, S. Y. Nussbeck, É. O'Tuama, T. Orrell, G. Petersen, T. Robertson, C. Söhngen, J. Whitacre, J. Wieczorek, P. Yilmaz, H. Zetzsche, Y. Zhang, and X. Zhou
Oxford Journal
October 2016

Making the Medical Marijuana Market

Cyrus Dioun  
Oxford University Press
September 2016

Cortical Bone Laminar Analysis Reveals Increased Midcortical and Periosteal Porosity in Type 2 Postmenopausal Women with History of Fragility Fractures Compared to Fracture-Free Diabetes

U Heilmeier, K Cheng, C Pasco, R Parrish, J Nirody, JM Patsch, CA Zhang, GB Joseph, AJ Burghardt, AV Schwartz, TM Link, G Kazakia
Osteoporosis International
September 2016

SEP: Source Extractor as a Library

Kyle Barbary
The Journal of Open Source Software
August 2016