Ask, Measure, Learn

Data Science Lecture Series


November 14, 2014
10:00am to 11:30am
190 Doe Library
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Data is changing our world. Predictions using massive data not only have improved many products. At the same time, they have, in some industries, disrupted business models and created new ones. 

What does an organization need to do to generate a new competitive advantage out of data? The answer might be surprising. “Change the state of mind.” 

Companies do not need big data. They essentially want small and actionable advice. Some predictions will need big data to surface relevant information, but not all. The key to success for many companies, however, is to enable “data-driven” decision making”.


Lutz Finger

Director Data Science & Data Engineering at LinkedIn

Lutz Finger, Director of Data Science at LinkedIn and co-author of the book, Ask Measure Learn, will show how to work with data to obtain usable results.