Data Science in Urban Air Mobility (UAM): Challenges and Opportunities

NASA Berkeley Aviation Data Science Seminars


April 29, 2020
11:00am to 12:00pm
Virtual Presentation

Abstract: Aviation is broadly a combination of - aircraft, airspace and airports. The data science life cycle comprises five steps - capture, maintain, process, analyze and communicate. The presentation introduces the legacy of conventional aviation research in the context of the data science life cycle to motivate the challenges with Urban Air Mobility, a field that is quite nascent. A summary of recent research will then be presented to highlight the innovative ways that can be used to address the challenges. Examples discussed include the generation of synthetic data and encounter models from simulations and leveraging novel and diverse data sets from traditional transportation and non-aviation sources to analyze problems of operation in urban airspace. Finally, opportunities are identified for further exploration, niche development and filling the gaps in the field of data science in UAM.

Note: This will be the last seminar in this series for the spring semester.

The NASA Berkeley Aviation Data Science Seminar Series was launched in spring 2020 and is held weekly on Wednesdays in Stanley 106, at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, from January 22 through May 6. Presenters include experts in government, industry, and academia, who focus on how big data collection and machine learning are transforming aircraft, airspace, and airport operations, with topics ranging from feedback control, IoT, and IoV to autonomy, AI, and data security. All seminars are livecast and interactive across both campuses. The series is also being offered as a 1-credit course: the Berkeley course numbers are CEE198/CEE298 (class #: 33393) and CP298 (class #: 13328). This seminar series is hosted by NASA and UC Berkeley, sponsored by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and NASA Academic Mission Services; and presented by UC Berkeley's Urban Air Mobility Research Center (UAM@Berkeley), the Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies, and BIDS.


Vishwanath Bulusu

Aerospace Research Scientist, Crown Consulting Inc.

Dr. Vishwanath Bulusu is an Aerospace Research Scientist with Crown Consulting Inc. working on the NASA Academic Mission Services contract in the Aviation Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center. He received a Systems Engineering Doctoral degree from the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at UC, Berkeley with experience in the application of systems research and simulation methods to the analysis of air transportation systems, primarily as applicable to Urban Air Mobility. He also received M.S. in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials at UC, Berkeley and B. Tech. in Civil Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India. He has published several papers in the field and received four best paper awards. His research is primarily focused in the area of Urban Air Transportation and he is currently working on novel urban airspace operation architectures.