Bringing PyData and Other Native-Code Stacks to the World's Data

Data Science Lecture Series


September 18, 2015
1:00pm to 2:30pm
190 Doe Library
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The world is flooded with data. Much of this data is and will continue to be "dark," meaning that it is in files across a file system and outside a specific database.  In this talk, I will discuss how Blaze, Dask, and Numba are adding to the very capable PyData Stack for lighting up the world's dark data and bringing easy, available analytics power to all data. 


Travis Oliphant

CEO and Co-Founder, Continuum Analytics

Travis has a PhD from the Mayo Clinic and BS and MS degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering from Brigham Young University (BYU). Since 1997, he has worked extensively with Python for numerical and scientific programming, most notably as the primary developer of the NumPy package and as a founding contributor of the SciPy package. He is also the author of the definitive Guide to NumPy.

Travis was an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at BYU from 2001 to 2007, where he taught courses in probability theory, electromagnetics, inverse problems, and signal processing. He also served as director of the Biomedical Imaging Lab, where he researched satellite remote sensing, MRI, ultrasound, elastography, and scanning impedance imaging.

As CEO of Continuum Analytics, Travis engages customers in finance, consumer products, and oil and gas; develops business strategy; and helps guide  the technical direction of the company. He actively contributes to software development and engages with the wider open source community in the Python ecosystem by serving as a director of the Python Software Foundation and past director of Numfocus.