Data-Driven Approaches for Reverse Engineering Cell-Decision Networks

Data Science Lecture Series


January 30, 2015
1:00pm to 2:30pm
190 Doe Library
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How do complex biological networks shape highly coordinated cellular responses? We will describe our recent progress in using data-driven approaches for inferring rules that drive these processes. In our first study, we will describe how systematic experimental perturbations to networks can be used to identify paths of signal transduction in chemotaxing immune cells. In our second study, we will describe how 4D intravital imaging and computational modeling can be used to identify developmental rules underlying the wiring of the visual system in flies.

Drs. Steven Altschuler and Lani Wu have worked as a collaborative team on multidisciplinary problems in mathematics at Princeton; engineering at Microsoft; biology at Harvard and UTSW; and now as professors in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UC San Francisco. They are fascinated by how heterogeneous and noisy biological systems make reliable decisions. 

The Data Science Lecture Series is co-hosted by BIDS and the Data, Science, and Inference Seminar


Steve Altschuler

Professor, UC San Francisco

Lani Wu

Professor, UC San Francisco