Data Science Student Research Showcase

Data Science Discovery Program


April 13, 2019
1:00pm to 3:00pm
190 Doe Library
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Find out about hands-on research projects currently underway in the Data Science Discovery Program  at this showcase sponsored by Microsoft. Students will share their experiences working with partners on and off-campus on a range of social impact projects.  Highlighted projects include:

  • Humanitarian Data Exchange - Microsoft Research is working with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to guide a student team to help create a process that will improve analysis of 5,000 data sets shared by humanitarian agencies from around the world.
  • Bay Area Trip Choice Model - This project is focused on building a commute model that will help inform policymakers about pricing policies that can help improve travel in the Bay Area and limit factors such as time lost in traffic, climate emissions, and local air pollution.
  • Fall Armyworm - Students are helping MercyCorps create a tool to help indicate the location and intensity of outbreaks of Fall Armyworm, a pest decimating crops in Sub-Saharan Africa, and identify the risks of future outbreaks to enable humanitarian organizations to effectively target resources.
  • Economics of Disaster Response - Student researchers are working with West Big Data Innovation Hub and the State of California to address how we can better respond to natural disasters by finding ways to optimize the demand and supply of physical donations and understand the economics of disaster prevention and relief.
  • BEACO2N - BEACO2N, a network of more than 100 air quality and climate sensors, is leading projects on everything from understanding instrument calibration, to describing the composition of local plumes, to characterizing connections between weather and the observations, to visualizing the observations.
  • Water Data Collaborative - The California State Water Resources Control Board is engaging students to help create comprehensive, high-quality data on water rates for agencies across the state to inform efforts to improve access to safe drinking water.
  • Work At Home Vintage Experts - WAHVE is working with students to help analyze data that pairs companies looking for specific skills with the veteran professionals who have them.

The Berkeley Division of Data Science will be hosting several other events as part of Data Science for All at CalDay on Satuday, April 13th.