Data Science Undergraduate Program Info Session


December 3, 2015
190 Doe Library
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Professor John Denero will give a talk and answer questions about the new Data Science Undergraduate Education Program. In spring 2016, UC Berkeley will officially launch the Foundations of Data Science course, a course jointly developed and offered by Computer Science, Statistics, and the School of Information. In conjunction with the Foundations of Data Science course, there will be a series of connector courses that will allow students to explore data science from fields as diverse as cognitive science, history, literature, engineering, ecology, and beyond. 

Here is a list of connector courses for sping 2016:

  • COGSCI 88: Data Science and The Mind
  • HIST 88: How Does History Count?
  • INFO 98: Data and Ethics
  • STAT 88: Probability and Mathematical Statistics in Data Science
  • CEE: Data Science and Smart City
  • CS: Computational Structures in Data Science
  • ESPM 88: Data Sciences in Ecology and the Environment
  • ESPM 89: Exploring Geospatial Data
  • L&S 88-1: Health, Human Behavior, and Data
  • L&S 88-2: Literature and Data
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