JupyterDay Berkeley


September 5, 2019
12:00pm to 6:00pm
190 Doe Library
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JupyterDay Berkeley will be a Jupyter community gathering on Thursday, September 5, 2019.  

Tickets for this event are complementary - registration appreciated but not required.


12pm - 1:10pm -- Jupyter Presentations

  • What's next for Jupyter? Brian Granger will share a high level view of some exciting initiatives coming up for Jupyter. This includes: a telemetry system that will span all components of the Jupyter architecture, real-time collaboration and commenting for JupyterLab, a data registry and explorer, an identity API for JupyterLab, and a metadata system for surfacing knowledge graphs about how organizations are collaborating on notebooks, data, and machine learning models.
  • Jupyter Extensions: The Jupyter Cal Poly intern team will share three extensions they've built over the summer. Rich Text Editing in JupyterLab’s notebook means what you write is what you see. This extension streamlines writing-based workflows and facilitates a more familiar writing experience with the power of ProseMirror. Package Installer: Python packages are the bread and butter to exploring datasets, making models, or writing programs. This Package Installer extension makes installing PyPI packages within development environments seamless, without the use of a terminal. Clarity Mode: Jupyter Clarity is an alternative interface for JupyterLab that empowers users to focus on what matters most to them: their notebooks. An aggregate of existing JupyterLab components, Clarity provides a model for user-created custom interfaces.

1:10pm - 2pm -- Hosted lunch + Informal chatting

2pm - 6pm -- Open Sprints

Event Photo Policy
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This event is co-sponsored by BIDS.  For more information, contact Ana Ruvalcaba (aruval03@calpoly.edu).