JupyterLab: The Evolution of the Jupyter Notebook

PyData 2018


October 22, 2018
1:00pm to 1:45pm
Los Angeles, CA

In JupyterLab: The Evolution of the Jupyter Notebook, Grant Nestor and Ian Rose will introduce you to JupyterLab, the next-generation UI developed by the Project Jupyter team, and its emerging ecosystem of extensions. JupyterLab differs from Jupyter Notebook in that it provides a set of core building blocks for interactive computing (e.g. notebook, terminal, file browser, console) and well-designed interfaces for them that allow users to combine them in novel ways.

The new interface enables users to do new things in their interactive computing environment, like tiled layouts for their activities, dragging cells between notebooks, and executing markdown code blocks in a console. The official APIs enable extension authors to extend the interface in many ways. These include the rendering of custom visualizations for new data types, new user-interface components, and the addition of alternative storage backends like Google Drive or GitHub. We will pack in as many demos as time allows and open up for questions at the end.


Ian Rose

BIDS Alum - Postdoctoral Scholar

Ian Rose was a postdoctoral scholar at BIDS working on Project Jupyter.  He did his PhD at UC Berkeley in earth and planetary science after undergraduate training in geophysics at Yale University. During his graduate studies, he worked in computational geodynamics, modeling the thermal, chemical, and rotational evolution of Earth and other planetary bodies. In that time, he developed software for modeling the physics of planetary interiors as well as for Earth science education. At BIDS, he will be working on bringing real-time collaboration to the Jupyter Project.