Learning Jupyter: a hands-on night at Bloomberg

PyLadies at Bloomberg


December 13, 2016
6:00pm to 9:00pm
San Francisco, CA


This event by PyLadies at Bloomberg featured an evening of knowledge sharing, installs, and data science. Jupyter - the evolution of IPython and the IPython Notebook - is a popular interactive computing environment used in data science and scientific computing. Participants will receive an overview of Jupyter's features and develop an understanding of when to use Jupyter and why, and also learn about several intermediate topics including a preview of JupyterLab - the next evolution of the Jupyter ecosystem - and other projects in the development pipeline, how to install the R kernel, and how run Python and R in the same notebook.

The evening will begin with a short presentation and then dive into the hands-on portion where users will install Jupyter and get started with basic commands, visualizations, and keyboard shortcuts. Practice exercises will be available to attendees to work on during the evening and attendees are encouraged to work in pairs and small groups. Knowledge of GitHub and GitHub workflows is recommended but not required.

Experienced users are encouraged to volunteer as TAs for the evening! Please let us know in the comments section of the event's meetup page if you'd like to be a TA.


Jamie Whitacre

Former Jupyter Technical Project Manager

Jamie was the technical project manager for Project Jupyter. She collaborated with Jupyter’s developers and open source community at large to define development strategy, advance feature work, and build community involvement. Jamie has more than 10 years of experience in scientific computing systems, informatics, and data analysis. Integrating research data and systems, streamlining data workflows, cleaning data, and educating users about data tools and workflows are her specialties. Jamie previously worked at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History designing and developing data pipelines in support of the Global Genome Initiative. She has experience working in academia, government, and industry positions. She earned her graduate degree in Geography from the University of Maryland and her undergraduate degree in Biology from Whitman College.