Municipal Governments' Use of Open Data

Data Science Lecture Series


February 27, 2015
1:00pm to 2:30pm
190 Doe Library
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I’ll be talking about municipal governments' use of open data, Code for America’s drive to get small and local governments up to speed on modern ways of working with technology, and the community benefits that come from new approaches to data and code.

The BIDS Data Science Lecture Series is co-hosted by BIDS and the Data, Science, and Inference Seminar


Michal Migurski

Chief Technology Officer, Code for America

Michal Migurski joined Code for America in 2013. Previous to Code for America, Michal spent nine years as a partner and technology director at celebrated San Francisco design studio Stamen where he architected the technical aspects of Stamen’s work, moving comfortably from active participation in Stamen’s design process, designing database schemas and APIs, to creating the dynamic applications that Stamen delivers to clients. At Code for America, he is responsible for engineering standards and technical sustainability. Michal has been building for the web since 1995, specializing in data design and publishing for a diverse range of clients and numerous public technical research projects and active open source codebases. He’s a Polish National and holds a degree in cognitive science from UC Berkeley.