Reflections on Data Science in Some Real-World Applications

Data Science Lecture Series


October 23, 2015
1:00pm to 2:30pm
190 Doe Library
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In this talk, I will share some stories from my years of consulting and advising around data products, highlighting cases where real-world constraints led to a surprising result or creative solution. While reflecting on my biased sample of cases, I may also share, if I’m feeling bold, some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way. To illustrate some technical ideas more concretely while protecting clients, I will use some simplified or toy examples. Participation and questions encouraged.


Aman Ahuja

Data Science Consultant

Aman is a data science consultant who helps organizations design and implement data products. He works freelance and with The Data Guild, a data product studio committed to working on projects with positive social impact. He is one of the leaders of the SF Bay Area chapter of DataKind, a non-profit dedicated to working with non-profits and other organizations to use data science in the service of humanity. He is an active participant in conversations around the ethics of data and the use of data in civil society.