In Search of Tomorrow

Data Science Lecture Series


December 11, 2015
1:00pm to 2:30pm
190 Doe Library
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If you were asked to imagine what computation will look like in 10 years, what would you say? Perhaps something to do with large-scale data analysis in R or functional programming. Maybe you imagine the rise of some of the more interesting nascent languages of today. That's where we started, but through an odd journey over the past several years, we've ended up somewhere entirely different in the pursuit of an alternative form of programming. Through dozens of prototypes, constant testing with real people, and a willingness to throw it all away, we've learned a great deal about what it would mean to turn the computer back into a tool for thought—not just for you or me, but for all of us.


Chris Granger

Co-Founder and CEO, Kodowa
I grew up as part of the Nintendo generation, having learned the parts of a computer at the age of two and later learning numbers and colors from a Sesame Street game on the NES. I started programming at the age of 10 and took my first paid development gig at 17. Since then, I’ve built websites large and small, written frameworks and libraries used by thousands, taught developers around the world, and helped envision the future of development at Microsoft. These days, I’m the co-founder and CEO of Kodowa, where we built the next-generation code editor Light Table and now Eve, a new vision for putting computation in the hands of everyone.