Cancelled - Artificial Intelligence, from Astronomy to Interior Design and Back Again

Statistics and Machine Learning Forum


April 29, 2019
1:30pm to 2:30pm
1011 Evans Hall
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Updated April 29: Today's event has been cancelled.  

This week, computational cosmologist Miguel Aragon-Calvo will share his thoughts on how the interdisciplinary aspects of Artificial Intelligence offer a unique opportunity for academic researchers to apply their expertise in real world applications. He will talk about his experience as an AI startup consultant and how this has helped broaden his perspectives as a scientist.

Full details about this meeting will be posted here:

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Miguel Aragon-Calvo

National Astronomical Observatory, UNAM

Miguel Aragon-Calvo is a computational cosmologist. Since 2016 he has worked as an Assistant Professor at the National Astronomical Observatory, UNAM His areas of research include Large Scale Structure of the Universe, Galaxy formation, Machine Learning Deep Learning, Data mining and visualization.