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2016 Computational and Genomic Biology Retreat


November 20, 2016
9:20am to 9:40am
San Francisco, CA

The 2016 Computational and Genomic Biology Retreat is by invitation only, open to Computational Biology PhD and DE graduate students, faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students supported by the Genomics Training Grant, and affiliates. The retreat is an excellent opportunity for researchers to learn about current research projects involving the many facets of computational biology and genomics. The cornerstone of the retreat is presentation of cutting-edge research by graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.


Nelle Varoquaux

BIDS Alum - Data Science Fellow

Nelle Varoquaux was a BIDS Data Science Fellow in the Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley. She received a PhD in computational biology from École des Mines de Paris in 2015. Her research interests include statistical machine learning and scientific computing applied to molecular biology problems, such as inferring the 3D architecture of the genome or data-integration methods to better understand gene regulatory networks.