2017 Data Science Faire

May 3, 2017

Earlier this week, we held our fourth annual Data Science Faire to celebrate data science at BIDS and UC Berkeley. Like last year, we invited poster/demo presenters from around campus to showcase their data science projects, welcoming participants from Research IT, Digital Humanities, the Space Sciences Laboratory, the California Digital Libary, and many more.

We also featured six lightning talks (see videos below) from BIDS fellows on topics ranging from studying sound in the human brain to academic careers in data science. We capped off the afternoon with a keynote from Lorena Barba, Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The George Washington University.

Thank you to all our participants and guests for making this year's Data Science Faire another success!

Data Science Faire Videos 

Keynote Presentation: Lorena Barba—Data Science for All

Orianna DeMasi—Sensing Wellbeing to Improve Mental Health Care

Nick Adams—Qualitative Text Analysis at a Quantitative Scale

Stuart Geiger—Academic Careers in Data Science: Results From the MSDSE Career Survey

Chris Holdgraf—Studying Sound in the Human Brain Using Predictive Models

Rebecca Barter—Superheat: An R Package for Generating Beautiful, Extendable, Customizable Heatmaps


Featured Fellows

Orianna DeMasi

BIDS Alum – Data Science Fellow

Nick Adams

Social Science
BIDS Alum – Research Fellow

R. Stuart Geiger


Chris Holdgraf

Project Jupyter, DSEP, Neuroscience
BIDS Alum – Postdoctoral Researcher

Rebecca Barter

BIDS Alum – Data Science Fellow