Advancing machine vision tools for the early identification of cancerous cells

February 15, 2019

In this new article by BIDS Senior Fellow Dani Ushizima and her colleagues at CRIC, the team introduces new computational tools for analyzing cell samples, and screening cervical cells to help researchers in the early detection of cancer of the womb. Using digitized images and incorporating deep learning techniques, the new tools improve on existing techniques for cellular analyses by detecting microscopic abnormalities accurately.

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Deep learning for cell image segmentation and ranking
February 11, 2019 | Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics
Flávio H.D. Araújo, Romuere R.V. Silva, Daniela M. Ushizima, Mariana T. Rezende, Cláudia M. Carneiro, Andrea G. Campos Bianchi, Fátima N.S. Medeiros

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Computational Research Division, CAMERA, LBNL
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