Alvin Cheung recieves 2020 Intel Outstanding Researcher Award

February 24, 2021

BIDS Faculty Affiliate Alvin Cheung is among the 18 winners of Intel's 2020 Outstanding Research Awards, which recognize exceptional contributions made through Intel-sponsored university research.  Cheung and fellow EECS Assistant Professor Jonathan Ragan-Kelley are developing ARION, a system for compiling programs onto heterogeneous platforms. Their team will use verified lifting, which rewrites legacy code into a clean specification, stripping away optimizations that target legacy architectures.  This spec, written in a DSL, can then be compiled to new platforms, sometimes resulting in substantially increased code performance speeds.

Alvin Cheung and Jonathan Ragan-Kelley win 2020 Intel Outstanding Researcher Award 
February 23, 2021  |  Magdalene L. Crowley  |  EECS News

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