BIDS releases Mothra 1.0

August 30, 2022

BIDS team members Stéfan J. van der Walt and Alex de Siqueira have released Mothra 1.0, the first major version of the software that was published in cooperation with researchers from London’s Natural History Museum and the University of Southampton last April. Mothra analyzes images of lepidopterans — mainly butterflies and moths — using deep learning and image processing. 

Read more: Applying computer vision to digitised natural history collections for climate change research: Temperature-size responses in British butterflies, April 5, 2022. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Rebecca J. Wilson, Alexandre Fioravante de Siqueira, Stephen J. Brooks, Benjamin W. Price, Lea M. Simon, Stéfan J. van der Walt, Phillip B. Fenberg.

Featured Fellows

Stéfan van der Walt

Senior Research Data Scientist

Alex de Siqueira

Assistant Project Scientist, Data Science Outreach Lead