BIDS Spring 2015 Data Science Faire—Capping Off a Successful First Year

May 12, 2015

Last week, we closed BIDS’ first academic year with the Spring 2015 Data Science Faire (DS Faire), where we showcased exciting data-intensive initiatives at BIDS and UC Berkeley and highlighted work from the diverse community of data scientists around campus.

At this year’s DS Faire, we featured more than 50 demos and posters from an assortment of fields, including neuroscience, physics, cosmology, sociology, and computer science—just to name a few—and we had eight lightning talks centering on a variety of data science topics. Several campus labs (e.g., D-Lab, Xlab, AMPLab, and more) also participated in the DS Faire to share their service offerings with the community, and we were lucky enough to be among the first to see the new HOLOS tool kit, which officially launched at our event. More than 200 guests attended the DS Faire from 83 unique organizations both on and off campus, a strong indication of the importance of data science at Berkeley and beyond.

The DS Faire was the culmination of our first year on campus, a very successful year filled with inspiring lectures, training/bootcamps, fun social events, fruitful meetings, and—most importantly—novel data science research.

Next year, we will continue building our community through our Data Science Lecture Series, BIDS Teas, and members’ meetups, and we have several exciting bootcamps and other events already in the works. We hope you will continue to monitor our events page and join our mailing list to keep up with what’s happening at BIDS.

Thank you to everyone who made the DS Faire such a great success, and we look forward to seeing you all throughout the summer and next year!