Call for Posters and Exhibits | BIDS Spring 2016 Data Science Faire

March 31, 2016

This year’s Data Science Faire (May 3) will feature poster/demo exhibits from students and researchers on campus. If you have been doing work related to data science (e.g., conducting a data-intensive project, running an open source meetup on campus, developing tools to enable reproducible science, etc.) and would like to showcase your efforts at the Data Science Faire, we'd love to have you.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few poster/demo examples from last year (among many more!):

  • Collection Space: The Next Great API for Museums
  • High-Frequency Trading Analysis
  • Effective Computing in Physics
  • Data-Intensive Science at NERSC
  • Visualizing Visual Attention
  • Social Science Matrix
  • Who Owns the Data?
  • Teaching Data Science with Jupyter Notebooks

Poster stands, desk space, and monitors will be provided. Sign up here!