Elections Should be Grounded in Evidence, Not Blind Trust

January 11, 2021

In this recent Barron's commentary, BIDS Faculty Affiliate Philip Stark and colleagues Edward Perez (global director of technology development at the OSET Institute) and J. Alex Halderman (a professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan and director of Michigan’s Center for Computer Security and Society) advocate for evidence-based elections and clearer elections reporting, including "processes that create strong public evidence that the reported winners really won and the reported losers really lost, despite any problems that might have occurred. Every step in election administration—from technology choices to voter eligibility checks, physical security, the canvass, and audits—should flow from that requirement."

Elections Should be Grounded in Evidence, Not Blind Trust 
January 4, 2021  |   Philip B. Stark, Edward Perez, and J. Alex Halderman  |  Barron's

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