Introducing Jonathan Dugan, BIDS new Chief Research Officer

August 16, 2017

Jonathan Dugan

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to the BIDS team, Jonathan Dugan, who is joining us as Chief Research Officer.

In this new position Jonathan will work with the Berkeley research community, using his deep expertise and knowledge to empower faculty and researchers to develop missing areas of the data science environment (topical and methodological focus areas, tools, methods, systems, workflows, etc.), and secure the resources to fund them. He will help us build practical solutions that bring together our faculty, postdocs, students, and staff to solve immediate and long term challenges for our research and education efforts.

Throughout his career, Jonathan has focused on the promotion of science, education, and open systems. He brings to BIDS a diverse set of professional experiences: He has founded and led both nonprofit and for-profit startups, and has served on several boards of directors. He has more than 15 years of consulting and management experience in a wide variety of fields, including web services and biomedical informatics systems. He was also the Director of PLOS Labs, an internal incubator at the Public Library of Science focused on envisioning future publishing products and services. His research interests include citations, data sharing, software development, community engagement, identity and reputation systems, and applying machine learning techniques to solve research questions.

Jonathan is excited to meet and work with the Berkeley data science community and you can expect him to reach out to many of you to discuss your research needs and opportunities in the coming weeks.

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