Kellie Ottoboni receives EVN Innovation Award

March 19, 2019

BIDS Data Science Fellow Kellie Ottoboni has received the Election Verification Network's (EVN) Innovation Award for her work with BIDS Senior Fellow Philip Stark in developing the Stratified Union-Intersection Tests of Elections (SUITE) tool for use in the pilot of risk-limiting audits in Michigan in 2018. The SUITE tool is a Jupyter notebook that encompasses all of the key steps of a post-election risk-limiting audit: risk calculations, an estimate of the number of ballots to examine, and a procedure to sample and locate ballots. 

Kellie received the award at the 2019 EVN Annual Conference (EVN 2019).  The Election Verification Network is a professional society of election officials, researchers, and advocates committed to accurate, accessible, transparent, reliable, and verifiable elections. The EVN Innovation Award is given annually for path-breaking new product development that greatly facilitates robust election verification and auditing.


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Kellie Ottoboni, Philip B. Stark, Mark Lindeman, Neal McBurnett

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