NASA Berkeley Aviation Data Science Seminars: New weekly lecture series launches on January 22

January 8, 2020

UAM@Berkeley, the Berkeley Institute for Transportation Studies, and BIDS will together launch the NASA-Berkeley Aviation Data Science Seminar Series on January 22, 2020. Lectures will be held weekly on Wednesdays in Stanley 106 at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, through May 6.

UAM — Berkeley's Urban Air Mobility Research Center — is a new multidisciplinary research consortium, with faculty and students from Berkeley's Civil and Environmental Engineering, City and Regional Planning, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences departments coming together to evaluate the potential of aviation data science and urban air mobility in the next transportation revolution. Current research projects include simulations of unmanned systems in the context of urban environments, unmanned traffic management, drone development, computer vision for unmanned systems, and vertiport design for urban air mobility. BIDS Senior Fellow Paul Waddell and BIDS Faculty Council Member Marta Gonzalez are leading faculty for the UAM research initiative.

The lecture series will feature domain experts in emergent aviation from industry, academia, and the government. Speakers will focus on how big data collection and machine learning are transforming aircraft, airspace, and airport operations, with topics ranging from feedback control, IoT, and IoV to autonomy, AI, and data security. Applications will span radically new programs, including Advanced Aerial Vehicles, UAM, and UTM, and programs already underway, such as NextGen.

All seminars will be livecast and interactive across both campuses. The seminar series is also being offered as a 1-credit course: the Berkeley course numbers are CEE198/CEE298 (class #: 33393) and CP298 (class #: 13328).

This lecture series will be hosted by NASA and UC Berkeley, and sponsored by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and NASA Academic Mission Services (NAMS). For more information, contact Pavan Yedavalli (

Featured Fellows

Paul Waddell

City & Regional Planning
BIDS Alum - Senior Fellow

Marta C. González

City and Regional Planning, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley; Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts Division, LBNL
BIDS Faculty Council