A new urban planning paradigm for more livable, eco-friendly cities

October 16, 2020

In a recent paper in Science Advances, BIDS Faculty Affiliate Marta C. González and colleagues propose a "new urban planning paradigm" in which city-dwellers will be able to access basic needs by bicycle or on foot. The paper presents new insights into the correlation between facilities distribution and population density, and how accessibility using existing road networks could be optimized. 

Deconstructing laws of accessibility and facility distribution in cities
September 11, 2020  |  Yanyan Xu, Luis E. Olmos, Sofiane Abbar and Marta C. González  |  Science Advances

Simulations for more equitable cities: A new approach could guide city planners where best to place important facilities for more equitable access of residents
September 11, 2020  |  Letizia Diamante  |   Nature Middle East

Making cities more liveable: Scientists develop an eco-friendly urban framework 
September 12, 2020  |   Natalie Parletta  |  Cosmos Magazine, 


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Marta C. González

City and Regional Planning, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley; Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts Division, LBNL
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