Outreachy mentoring via NumPy

October 28, 2019

The Outreachy program provides internships to encourage diversity in the Free and Open Source Software communities. Over the summer of 2019, Sebastian Berg and Matti Picus mentored an intern, Kriti Singh, who contributed to low-level NumPy documentation.

The effort began in May 2019 with a call for interns. Since the application process requested that the applicants try their hand at contributing as part of the selection stage, the NumPy github repo was soon inundated with 12 applicants’ efforts. Unfortunately, we had to select only one applicant, and continued with Kriti.

Over the next few months, Kriti develop her skills; it was fun to help her face technical hurdles, and even more rewarding to watch Kriti gain confidence from her first blog post about the selection process, through her day-to-day work, explaining a basic work flow to new contributors, and comprehending new aspects of the project. Mentoring challenges included internet availability and a 12 hour time-zone difference. Via weekly video calls and asynchronous discussion, the mentoring effort paid off.

Kriti came to EuroScipy in Bilbao Spain, where Matti finally met her in person. She summarized the experience thus: “I feel more confident and having a higher sense of self-worth since then. Getting your work recognized in a crowd of accomplished people is highly motivating and Outreachy propels you to do that in every way possible. I would definitely try to keep up this spirit in the long run and spread the same among those who are like the 1 year ago me”

Featured Fellows

Sebastian Berg

Scientific Software Developer (NumPy)

Matti Picus

Alumni - Scientific Software Developer