Philip B. Stark appointed to a forensic audit of the 2020 Windham, NH, Election

May 25, 2021

Large unexplained discrepancies between the electronic results and a hand count of the 2020 New Hampshire State Representative contest in Windham, NH, prompted lawmakers to pass a law (SB43) authorizing a forensic audit of that contest as well as the gubernatorial contest and the U.S. Senate contest in Windham.

BIDS Faculty Affiliate Philip B. Stark was selected to be one of three auditors, along with Harri Hursti and Mark Lindeman.

The machine count found about 300 fewer votes for all four Republican candidates than the headcount found, and found roughly 30 votes more for a Democratic candidate than the headcount found. This has raised suspicions that the electronic tabulators were misprogrammed to “steal” votes from Republican candidates. The audit includes electronically retabulating all the ballots cast in Windham, manually counting the votes in three contests, a forensic investigation of the voting machines, and a forensic investigation of the ballots.

The proceedings are being livestreamed and by statute, the audit must be completed by May 28.

SB 43 Forensic Audit Livestream (+ supporting documents)

New Hampshire SB43 (the law mandating the audit)

Windham vote auditors point to ballot fold lines as possible source of discrepancies: Machines may have interpreted fold as vote for particular candidate
May 17, 2021  |  Adam Sexton  |   WMUR 9 News

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