Python Boot Camp Fall 2016 Training Videos Available Online

September 29, 2016

In late August, we held the Python Boot Camp Fall 2016. We were able to record the sessions from two-day event, so we want to share them with everyone. You can watch the videos below or access them on our YouTube channel playlist. Enjoy!

Overview: The purpose of the boot camp is to introduce the basics of the Python language to those already familiar with other computing languages (e.g., C, Java, FORTRAN, and Lisp). The boot camp is a mixture of formal lectures, in-class demos, coding breakout sessions for participants, and homework projects. 

Part 1: Basic Training

Part 2: Advanced Data Structures

Part 3: IPython Jupyter Notebook

Part 4: Functions Modules

Part 5: Numpy

Part 6: matplotlib

Part 7: Advanced Language Strings

Part 8: Advanced Language Interactions

Part 9: Object Oriented Programming

Part 10: Test Driven Development

Part 11: Scipy Pandas

Part 12: Scientific Workflows with Python

Part 13: Python in Research Panel

Part 14: Whetting Your Appetite and Next Steps