Recent Reddit Ask Me Anything: Moore Data-Driven Discovery Investigators

February 12, 2015

It’s not every day you get direct access to some of the top data scientists in the nation and the chance to ask them literally any question you choose. The Moore Foundation's Data-Driven Discovery (DDD) Investigators recently took part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) forum on Reddit, and although the time is up for new questions, the entire proceedings can be viewed here:

We are Moore Investigators and We Utilize Data Science to Make New Discoveries. AUA.

The investigators include 14 scientists from around the country who have received the DDD Award from the Moore Foundation, three of whom are here at Berkeley: Laura Waller, Laurel Larson, and BIDS own senior fellow and Moore/Sloan co-investigator Josh Bloom. All of the investigators provided excellent insights into data science and their careers as researchers.  

There is a lot of great information here; I highly recommend you take a moment to check it out!

Featured Fellows

Joshua Bloom

Astronomy, UC Berkeley
Faculty Affiliate

Laurel Larsen

Geography, UC Berkeley
Faculty Affiliate

Laura Waller

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley
BIDS Faculty Council