Verification Dilemmas in Law and the Promise of Zero-Knowledge Proofs

January 14, 2022

A paper written by BIDS Faculty Affiliate Rebecca Wexler and colleagues recently received an Honorable Mention from the Privacy Papers for Policymakers Award as one of the top eight privacy papers in 2022. The award is for "leading privacy scholarship that is relevant to policymakers in the U.S. Congress, at U.S. federal agencies, and among international data protection authorities." 

The article – Verification Dilemmas in Law and the Promise of Zero-Knowledge Proofs – provides the first deep dive into the broad relevance of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) for law. It explains ZKPs’ conceptual power and technical operation to a legal audience. It then demonstrates how ZKPs can be applied as a governance tool to transform verification dilemmas in multiple legal contexts. Finally, the article surfaces and provides a framework to address the policy issues implicated by the potential substitution of ZKP governance tools in place of existing law and practice.

12th Annual Privacy Paper for Policymakers" awardees explore the nature of privacy rights and harms
January 13, 2022  |  Nancy Levesque  |   Future of Privacy Forum

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