Berkeley Carpentries Club

BIDS' Education & Training Working Group has launched the Berkeley Carpentries Club to connect instructors of research computing workshops in the Berkeley, California, area. The group is a community network of teachers and instructors with diverse interests and backgrounds, and anyone interested in the teaching of research computing and data science workshops is welcome to join (i.e. new members do not need to be affiliated with UC Berkeley, the Berkeley Institute for Data Science, or the Carpentries). The group draws its name from the Carpentries, which teach "foundational coding and data science skills to researchers worldwide,” but other trainings from outside the Carpentries community are included, as well. 

Connect with the Berkeley Carpentries Club via their website.

BIDS Affiliates

Diya Das

Molecular & Cell Biology
BIDS Data Science Fellow, Moore/Sloan

Rebecca Barter


Kellie Ottoboni


R. Stuart Geiger

Berkeley Institute for Data Science

Richard Barnes

Energy & Resources Group, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Tyler Reddy

Berkeley Institute for Data Science
NumPy Developer

Yasmin AlNoamany

University Libraries