BIDS-BCHSI Research Xchange Forum

The BIDS-BCHSI Research Xchange Forum was launched in October 2020 as an open discussion platform for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and research projects at the intersection of healthcare and data science, enabling participants to support the development, and research of the group's members, and to foster new collaborations.

Clinicians and physicians with an interest in data science methods and tools, as well as data science faculty and researchers with applications or interests in the healthcare and health sciences were welcome and encouraged to participate. Participants were invited to engage in a variety of activities, including presentations of work-in-progress, discussions and critiques of recent papers and AI methods in healthcare, introductions to new tools and methods, active conversations to share fresh perspectives, and opportunities to foster new collaborations. The immediate goals of this Forum were to share current research projects with a wider audience, and to increase engagement and improve communication among the three host organizations. Regular participants and invited speakers also included the Innovate For Health Data Science Health Innovation Fellows, as well as post-docs, staff, and faculty from UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Johnson & Johnson.

The series ran through summer 2021, and interested members of the UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Johnson & Johnson communities were invited to sign up for this group's mailing list to receive information about upcoming individual webinars. Please contact Innovate For Health Co-Director Maryam Vareth or for more information.

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