COVID-19 Response: ​BIDS Data Science Services and Consulting

In April 2020, BIDS is convened researchers and resources to address COVID-19. As the demand for data science and data analysis expertise took on new urgency with the COVID-19 pandemic, BIDS started working with multiple units at UC Berkeley to determine how best to bring our community’s expertise to bear. The project was led by BIDS' staff members Ross BarnowskiAlexandre de SiqueiraCiera Martinez and Stéfan van der Walt.

BIDS Data Science Services and Consulting helped match the needs of domain experts (such as epidemiologists and clinicians) to data science experts, analysis capabilities and other resources available from the BIDS community. At the time, BIDS offered to provide support for tasks related (but not limited) to:

  • Managing Data - Storing, distributing, and manipulating datasets of all types and sizes.
  • Visualizing Data - Static and interactive visualizations for communicating results and exploring models and datasets.
  • Communicating Results - Publishing data analyses to traditional media, the web, or interactive media like Jupyter notebooks.
  • Software Development and Engineering Best-Practices - The tools of modern data science: version control, automated software documentation & testing, continuous-integration and deployment, etc.

Users of this service were also invited to inquire about data science consulting resources and new projects under way, and to join with us by letting us know what capabilities they may be able to add.  

BIDS' new Data Science Services and Consulting portal helps connect researchers and resources to address COVID-19
April 16, 2020  |  Marsha Fenner  |  BIDS News