Demo Watch: Discovering Patterns of Peace and Violence between Police and Protesters

Demo Watch invites the public to participate in the world’s largest and most sophisticated project researching the dynamics of political contestation and violence. With vast and intricate data, the project is identifying common sequences of interaction between protesters and governments and key decision points that result in violence, peace, and everything in between. Findings will be used to help prevent future political violence.

BIDS and Goodly Labs are offering this project through UC Berkeley's Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) for the Spring 2020 academic semester. Participating students will get first-hand experience building, refining, and launching a national-scale data science project that engages thousands of public volunteers and news readers. Eligible undergraduates may apply online January 14-27, 2020.

BIDS Affiliates

Nick Adams

Social Science
Alumni - Research Fellow