Detecting change in global biodiversity through large scale network analysis

Global ecosystems that support life are undergoing dramatic pressure and rapid, unprecedented changes. Currently, there are a variety of separate scientific models, each with separate data sources, that can model the activities of diverse parts in an ecosystem, such as soil, bacteria-root interactions, plant density and locations, atmospheric and water composition and locations, temperatures, and many more. Each of these separate aspects in ecological modeling draw from a variety of resources and metrics for evaluating the stability of species and communities in their environments over time. This research team is building more accurate systems for analyzing complex interactions that affect stability, resilience and recovery, and building mechanisms that integrate and combine previously disparate ecological models. BIDS Senior Fellow Carl Boettiger leads the project, with BIDS Data Science Fellow Ciera Martinez and Senior Fellow Rosemary Gillespie collaborating.

BIDS announces 2018 Data Science Research Projects
September 12, 2018  |  BIDS News

BIDS Affiliates

Carl Boettiger

Environmental Science, Policy, & Management; UC Berkeley
Faculty Affiliate

Rosemary Gillespie

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; Berkeley Natural History Museums; UC Berkeley
BIDS Faculty Council

Ciera Martinez

Biology and Environmental Sciences Lead