The Hacker Within

The Berkeley chapter of The Hacker Within is now the Data Analysis Tools Series at BIDS.


The Hacker Within was a collaborative, peer-driven weekly meeting for sharing skills and best practices in research computation and data science. The group hosted weekly skill-sharing sessions that enable peers at all levels of experience to share information on topics useful in scientific software development (e.g. python, R, visualization, testing, data management, version control, literate programming, etc.) in order to learn useful, up-to-date skills and incorporate best practices in workflows. This group was based on The Hacker Within Scientific Computing Group, begun by Paul P.H. Wilson, Milad Fatenejad, Kyle Oliver, Matthew Terry, Katy Huff, and others at the University of Wisconsin Madison, which was rejuvenated here at Berkeley in 2013.

Each week, volunteers led a sessions on a particular topics. Participants were welcome to attend, introduce new libraries, show off useful features of a domain-specific code, teach a new skill, or bring up a computational problem for the group to solve together. The repositories associated with The Hacker Within organization are located at For more information, contact the organizers directly at

BIDS Affiliates


Diya Das

Molecular & Cell Biology
BIDS Data Science Fellow, Moore/Sloan

R. Stuart Geiger

Berkeley Institute for Data Science