Image XD

Incredible advances are being made in image processing techniques and tools, but the scientists who use them typically don’t have the opportunity to communicate with scientists who work on similar problems in different domains. ImageXD was founded by BIDS and UW's eScience Institute, partners in the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments (MSDSE), to address these challenges.

ImageXD comprises researchers from a variety of fields who work with images as a primary source of data. We work to identify common principles, algorithms, and tools. We aim to learn from one another while strengthening ties across disciplinary boundaries.

ImageXD held its inaugural meeting in June 2016, and the 2018 ImageXD Workshop was held at BIDS on May 16-18, 2018.

BIDS Affiliates


Stéfan van der Walt

Research Fellow

Daniela Ushizima

Computational Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Maryam Vareth

Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, UCSF

Dmitriy Morozov

Computational Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Maryana Alegro

Neurology - UCSF