'Information and Uncertainty in Data Science' Discussion Forum

The 'Information and Uncertainty in Data Science' Discussion Forum is a forum for open inquiry and discussion about a wide range of recurring data science fundamentals, including information, uncertainty, entropy, bits, probability, machine learning, generalization, and others. The group facilitates academic discourse on the practical use of the fundamental concepts across a wide variety of research disciplines, and strives for clarity and understanding using real-world scenarios, visual examples, cutting edge questions and unique perspectives. This group, which was launched at BIDS in fall 2018, focuses on understanding and sharing concepts that are often buried in mathematical language, especially entropy, reduction of uncertainty and connections between physical systems and information systems.

All interested members of the UC Berkeley, UCSF, LBL and LLNL communities are welcome and encouraged to attend.

For more details and to sign up for this group's mailing list, visit compdatascience.org/entropy.

With questions, contact BIDS Senior Fellow, Gerald Friedland.

BIDS Affiliates

Gerald Friedland

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley; LLNL
BIDS Senior Fellow