Machine Learning and Science Forum

The BIDS Machine Learning and Science Forum (formerly the Berkeley Statistics and Machine Learning Forum) was launched in Spring 2018 and currently meets biweekly (during the spring and fall semesters) to discuss current applications across a wide variety of research domains in the physical sciences and beyond. These active sessions bring together domain scientists, statisticians, and computer scientists who are either developing state-of-the-art methods or are interested in applying these methods in their research. This Forum is hosted by BIDS Faculty Affiliate Uroš Seljak (professor of Physics at UC Berkeley) and BIDS Research Affiliate Ben Nachman (Physicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), and organized by Vanessa Böhm, Aditi Krishnapriyan, Vinicius Mikuni, Mariel Pettee, and Shashank Subramanian.  All interested members of the UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab communities are welcome and encouraged to attend. To receive email notifications about upcoming meetings, or to request more information, please contact

Machine Learning and Science Forum - Spring 2023
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time

Location: TBD

  • March 13, 2023, Savannah Thais (Columbia University).
  • March 27, 2023, Christina Peters (University of Delaware).
  • April 10, 2023, Arash Vahdat (NVIDIA).


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Uroš Seljak

Physics, Astronomy, Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics
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Benjamin Nachman

Physics Division, LBNL
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