BIDS researchers received funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) for their work on the open source research software platform NetworkX, which serves as the fundamental network analysis tool for creating and manipulating graphs and networks in Python. To meet the needs of the scientific community over the next decade, the BIDS team will revitalize NetworkX by growing its developer community, refactoring code, improving performance, and making a major release.  BIDS Senior Research Data Scientist Stéfan van der Walt leads the BIDS team. Former BIDS Data Science Fellow Jarrod Millman, a PhD student in biostatistics at UC Berkeley, and Colgate University mathematics professor Dan Schult, are also on the team.

BIDS Affiliates

Stéfan van der Walt

Senior Research Data Scientist

Jarrod Millman

Biostatistics, UC Berkeley
Alumni - BIDS Data Science Fellow

Ross Barnowski

Scientific Software Developer (NumPy)