Situational awareness dashboards for primary care clinicians

BIDS Health and Life Sciences Lead Maryam Vareth offers this project (#4) through UC Berkeley's Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP).

Situational awareness for primary care physicians plays an important role in providing proactive care for patients with complex health conditions. Many factors may impede physician’s situational awareness, particularly aggregating scattered data from a patient's electronic medical records. Then, creating a dashboard that can automatically pull high priority information from a patient's medical data and present it in a way to help clinician understand patient overall health status in a shorter time would improve quality of care in primary care offices.

So far, several dashboards have been developed for single specialties but our goal in this project is to address a patient’s overall health status as a whole person instead of addressing each single disease.

This project aims to create a portable, usable, consolidated, and open-source software platform for generating a dashboard to present personalized high priority patient data. The student will gain knowledge of open-source visualization platforms, visualization techniques, user-interface design, EHR data analysis and healthcare data analytics in addition to gaining exposure to product management skills. Participating students will be expected to present on their work at the end of the semester in addition to the potential to contribute to a manuscript describing the developed dashboard.


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