TextXD - Text Analysis Across Domains

TextXD brings together researchers from across a wide range of disciplines, who work with text as a primary source of data, whether they identify as computer, social, data, or information scientists, including linguists. We work to identify common principles, algorithms and tools to advance text-intensive research, and break down the boundaries between domains, to foster exchange and new collaborations among like-minded researchers. TextXD seeks to facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations by hosting natural language processing (NLP) groups activities, including semesterly symposia to surface common NLP problems and new opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

TextXD holds annual meetings - their video presetations and tutorials are available via these links:

BIDS Affiliates

Heather Haveman

Sociology and Business/Management, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
BIDS Faculty Council Member

Maryam Vareth

Health and Life Sciences Lead

Ciera Martinez

Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences Lead

Adam G. Anderson

Research Training Program Manager