The Accuracy, Equity, and Jurisprudence of Criminal Risk Assessment

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Jennifer Skeem

Professor of Social Welfare, and Professor of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Jennifer Skeem is the Florence Krenz Mack Professor of Social Welfare, and a Professor of Public Policy with the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. Dr. Skeem is a psychologist who writes and teaches about the intersection between behavioral science and criminal justice. Her research is designed to inform efforts to prevent violence, improve decision-making about people involved in the justice system, and achieve effective and equitable justice reform. Current projects include testing innovative correctional services for people with mental illness, identifying environmental factors that promote violence within institutions, and promoting prosocial behavior among juveniles at risk. Much of Skeem’s current work addresses a surge of interest in the use of risk assessment to inform criminal sentencing—including how this practice may affect racial and economic disparities in imprisonment.

Christopher Slobogin

Chair in Law, and Director of the Criminal Justice Program, Vanderbilt Law School

Christopher Slobogin is the Milton R. Underwood Chair in Law, and the Director of the Criminal Justice Program at Vanderbilt Law School. Dr. Slobogin has authored more than 100 articles, books and chapters on topics relating to criminal law and procedure, mental health law and evidence.