Ethics and Empathy in Using Imputation to Disaggregate Data for Racial Equity

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Alena Stern

Senior Data Scientist, Urban Institute

Alena Stern is a senior data scientist at the Urban Institute studying policy solutions to advance equity and inclusion in cities. Before joining Urban, she worked as a senior program manager with AidData, an Open Cities fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, and a graduate research assistant at the Center for Data Science and Public Policy, where she used machine learning, natural language processing, statistical analysis, and geospatial data to inform the design of government policies and international development programs. Stern holds a BA in economics and international relations from the College of William and Mary and an MS in computational analysis and public policy from the University of Chicago.

Ajjit Narayanan

Data Scientist, Urban Institute

Ajjit Narayanan is a data scientist at the Urban Institute, where he works on research to advance equity and inclusion in rural and urban communities. He enjoys building open source data and mapping tools for researchers and advises on tools such as interactive mapping, big data platforms, and data visualization methods to relevant public policy issues. Narayanan also coleads Urban’s R Users Group and Mapping Users Group to encourage the use of R and geospatial analysis for statistical analysis, data visualization, and automation. Narayanan holds a BA in economics and a BA in urban studies, along with minors in math and statistics, from the University of Pennsylvania.