Equity and the Environment: What’s the connection?



Rachel Morello-Frosch

Professor; Environmental Science, Policy, and Management; School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

Rachel Morello-Frosch is a professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management in UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. Her research focuses on environmental health and environmental justice, and she is particularly interested in addressing the double jeopardy faced by communities of color and the poor who experience high exposures to environmental hazards and who are more vulnerable to the toxic effects of pollution due to poverty, malnutrition, discrimination, and underlying health conditions. How do matters of race and class affect distributions of health risks in the United States? What are the causes and consequences of environmental disparities and health inequalities? How can research create "upstream" opportunities for intervention and prevention? She am also interested in evaluating the influence of community participation on environmental health research, science, regulation, and policy-making, as well as in developing methods to foster community-based participatory research.