Diversity and Inclusion

Working Group

The BIDS Diversity and Inclusion Working Group will focus on increasing diversity and inclusivity in data science by supporting and promoting the diverse perspectives and identities of Berkeley’s active data science research community.

Data science and data science education are quickly emerging as key foundations of our modern data-driven society, and key enablers of future innovations. Enabling and encouraging all members of our society to participate equally broadens our technological as well as our societal progress by reducing the boundaries within our society and by strengthening its overall integration.

Achieving and maintaining diversity is a long-term commitment, ideally beginning in early childhood education, reaching through high school, and ultimately culminating at the universities and companies which drive innovation. Keeping this diversity strong through all educational stages is challenged by peer pressure, entry barriers, access to opportunities, and hostile environments. The working group seeks to support individuals pursuing data science and advocate for equity within data science in meaningful and substantive ways.


  • To increase diversity and inclusivity in data science.
  • To create and facilitate inclusive environments within BIDS and among our affiliates, and for all Berkeley students interested in data science research.
  • To support and promote individuals representing diverse demographics, backgrounds, and experiences; and to help them navigate and succeed in Berkeley’s active data science community.

To achieve these goals, we intend to initially engage in the following activities:

  • Host programs and events to help a diverse cohort of individuals learn about opportunities and achieve their goals in data science by connecting them with tools and resources.
  • Partner with existing campus groups, as well as BIDS working groups and affiliates, to promote increasing diversity and inclusion in general, and in data science in particular.
  • Work with JupyterHub to mentor Outreachy interns.
  • Facilitate internal discussions at BIDS about fostering diverse and inclusive research environments, e.g. Best Practices for Fostering Diversity & Inclusion in Data Science.

These initial plans and activities are only the beginning of our efforts. All members of the Berkeley campus community are invited to join this working group. Please contact one of our working group members, listed below, to get involved.

Working Group Members

Stacey Dorton

Administrative/Operations Manager

R. Stuart Geiger